Our Story


In 2002 my (now) husband Jim and I (Jessica) realized that our passion was to open a wellness center where people could 1) afford to come and get whatever help they needed to be HEALTHY and therefore have a better chance at being HAPPY, and 2) where they could get what THEY needed to reach THEIR health goals in a space that worked for them, without having to think about how they looked, and where they could bring their kids if they needed - or wanted to. We wanted to create a warm, accepting environment which we feel is optimal for getting healthy, staying healthy, and being happy and empowered. 


We love southern Mexico and feel that part of OUR happiness  is getting to work - although if you love what you get to do for a living is it really work? - every day in a colorful, vibrant environment, which is exactly what you will find at TODO BIEN! More than anything else we want to help you do what you love for as long as possible, and we would feel honored to get to assist you on your health journey, whatever that looks like. So Bienvenidos! - Welcome to TODO BIEN! Wellness Center!

Because living in pain and limitation sucks!!!


Do what you love!

At TODO BIEN! We believe in being able to do what you love for as long as possible! Strength, mobility and flexibility are key to truly enjoying your life - we would love to help you GET HEALTHY, STAY HEALTHY, AND BE HAPPY!

This is Jim, catching at wave at age 48.


This is Puerto Escondido; the place that inspired TODO BIEN!