Meet Jim Spence


Our AWESOME personal trainer!

In addition to almost two decades as a certified personal trainer, Jim is a certified yoga instructor, a boxing instructor, and has CrossFit training. He has helped people of all ages get - and stay - strong and flexible, with improved cardiovascular fitness. From clients who have never worked out to elite athletes, Jim believes ANYONE can benefit in any area of life from being healthy and fit!

“Fitness comes first, everything else will follow.”


Regaining Strength and Mobility after an injury

Getting back to full fitness after an injury is important for longevity of physical health. Jim can guide clients through this process with his extensive knowledge and broad variety of fitness tools. Getting back to a life of being able to do what you love is the goal and Jim is dedicated to developing a work out program suited to YOUR fitness goals and needs!

Working with clients with disabilities 

There are few things more important that movement and exercise for a person with physical limitations. From increased strength and circulation to increased reflexive action between the muscles and the brain and an increased sense of empowerment and psychological well-being the benefits of regular exercise can have profound and life long effects. Jim has experience working with clients with these challenges and has a passion for training and is an excellent motivator.

TODO BIEN! Wellness Center is wheel chair accessible.