Meet Jessica Spence


Massage Therapist and
Certified Pilates Instructor 


Thai Massage

Thai Massage

Specialty Massage Treatments

In addition to regular massage treatments, Jessica specializes in these different modalities:

Injury Treatment


Nothing is more important than receiving the right care after an accident or injury, and working with a professional with a lot of experience. So much of the injury sustained in these incidents - especially in a car accident - is soft tissue related. It doesn't show up on an x-ray but it can cause years - or a lifetime - of pain and diminished living.


Many people don't have medical insurance that will cover the bodywork needed to rehabilitate after an accident or injury. I can bill PIP (personal injury policy - auto insurance. THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR AUTO COVERAGE - MAKE SURE YOU HAVE IT!), and L&I (work-related injury treatment coverage) directly.

This way you get the treatment YOU need to get back to living!


A massage tailored to you with the addition of hot stones to warm the muscles.


Done clothed, this treatment is a combination of massage and stretching of the body.

Fassage - A TODO BIEN! original

A massage tailored to you with the addition of aromatherapeutic steamed towels on the face and neck, then a detailed neck, face, and scalp massage - therapeutic and indulgent!



PILATES for Every Body

Having a strong set of core muscles and being flexible is great for anybody, and Pilates can help you be better at other sports and physical activities. We offer Pilates for every body, including -

People who are larger 

Pilates is one of the best exercise modalities for people who are larger. Because it is zero impact and strengthens all the muscles, especially the muscles that directly support the skeleton, regular Pilates can help support the joints and bones of the legs and feet. It also helps people stay connected to their center of gravity.

People who are older

Pilates is one of the best exercises as well for people who are older. Maintaining strength, mobility, and good balance as we age are key to longevity of a healthy, active lifestyle. The great variety of exercises that exist in Pilates, especially when adding the pilates equipment, can cater to virtually any individual.

People (especially adolescents) who have skeletal structural irregularities, such as Scoliosis 

Because one of the main aspects of Pilates is skeletal support, it is a perfect exercise for conditions such as scoliosis. This condition typically starts to occur in adolescents. Starting Pilates at this stage can have profound and life time affects for the better in terms of skeletal and muscular function. However, at any age, Pilates has a positive affect by strengthening and adding flexibility to the muscles that support us!